Kino Der Toten:

· Don’t get cornered

· Get Speed Cola, Quick Revive and Juggernog

· Get a gun that has a lot of ammo and does medium damage

· Stay at your own window and don’t take other peoples kills/zombies.

· Be able to weave your way through the zombies

· Activate traps (Electric Traps) when being chased and friend is downed

· Try to get ballistic knife pack-a-punched after buying mule kick


· Get M14 first

· Get Speed Cola

· Don’t use teleporters, only elevators

· Get SMG against zombies

· When Pentagon thief comes be in a room that when he comes you are far away from him. Then shoot at him with a SMG, but have a shotgun or wonder weapon. Use the SMG on him and let him take that weapon, then when you teleport away, use shotgun or wonder weapon against him.

· When pentagon thief teleports through a teleporter and you get teleported to the main room, buy quick revive or a wall weapon.

· Always have a shotgun, and SMG like AK-47U or MPSK.

· Always have four defcons ready and when ready or needed, turn on the fifth.

· Camp in the first room by the elevator by yourself if in solo, but if in co-op, everybody camp upstairs.



· When getting dual wield zap gun, only shoot one at a zombie, shooting more waste ammo.

· Get Stakeout, AK-47U, or MPSK.

· Have PHD Flopper if you can get it, and if you can’t, always land on fluffy pad when shot off the last pad.

· Always aim for the head in higher levels

· Never get the Spectre unless you need to.

· If can, go to earth after getting Gersh Devices, and try to get Perk-a-cola Juggernog or Speed Cola. If you have the hacker, throw two gershes and hack the pack-a-punch to close the door. When it opens, have a Gersh Device ready and throw it. Then run to the teleporter and leave when the gersh stops.