Nazi Zombie Walkthrough



History Behind ItEdit

Dr. Maxis and a group 935 had a task to create super soldiers and new technology for the government project “The Giant.”For this experiment, they used Element 115 to create the “super soldiers” or known as zombies. The zombies couldn’t be controlled, which would end up the scientist killing the zombies when they went berserk.

While this was going on, Richtofen was testing Element 115 on LIVING test subjects to create super soldiers at the Siberian Facility. In his experiments, Richtofen uses Takeo, Nikolai Belenski, and an unknown Mexican. When Richtofen accidently kills the Mexican, he replaces him with Dempsey.

Dempsey had recently been captured with a marine team to an abandoned asylum known as Verruckt to rescue Peter McCain.Peter however had already been discovered along with Harvey Yena.

The testng affected each of the subjects, like making Dempsey extremely aggressive, quieting Takeo, and making Nikolai function less without Vodka. It also had an effect of erasing their memories. Richtofen also did testing on Samantha behind her fathers back.

The new weapon group 935 was also affected by Element 115.

Zombie Map

The meteorite crashes

One day Dr.Maxis got his daughter’s dog, Fluffy, and put it through the teleporter. It went through but didn’t come back. Dr. Maxis called it a failure.

Later on while testing the teleporter, Fluffy came back in a ball of lighting, but as a demon dog, or known as a Hellhound. Dr. Maxis enters the room wondering what happened. That is when Samantha, Dr. Maxis’s daughter, came running in asking what happened to her dog. Dr. maxis yells at his daughter to stand back.

While they are in the room, Dr. Richtofen closes and locks the door to let dog kill them. The reason Dr. Richtofen killed Dr. Maxis is because Dr. Rictofen started devolpoing schizophrenia (A long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation) but also because a secret group called the Illuminati told Dr. Richtofen told to kill Dr. Maxis. He was happy to oblige and so he did.

Then Dr. Richtofen was released all the “test subjects” or zombies on the facility while escaping Der Riese.

The thing is that Samantha did not truly die; she became an Aether (a sort of demon or spirit trapped in between life and death.) She started to turn evil and sinister to where she would torture her host. She created Power-ups, and many zombie franchise to toy and torture her host.

While Richtofen escaped, he met four men, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo Masaki.
All the Characters

Richtofen, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Takeo

Even though Richtofen was using them, they didn’t realize. Richtofen and his new team visited all the places that were overrun by zombies known as Shi No Numa, Nacht der Untoten, and to Verrückt. They then returned to Der Riese. In 1946, a solar eclipse happened. In a place called Shangri-La, in the Himalayas, two British explorers named Brock and Gary were trying to uncover mysteries behind the temples. They fell into a trap and died.

When Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo were fighting against zombies, when one of them activated a teleporter while overloading the Wunderwaffe DG-2 (Wonder Weapon) and the teleporter reacted by sending them in time and to a different place.
Storyline Comic

They ended up in a Nazi theatre, known as Kino der Toten. Not only were they sent back into time, but also Samantha. This is how she was able to place weapons in the mystery box that had not yet existed. Because she was eternal, she messed with them in Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese. This is also how she messed with them in Der Riese (in the past/ back in time) and in Shangri La when they teleport back in time

The United States reverse-engineered the Ray Gun, Electro Shock Defenses, Monkey Bombs, Perk-a-colas, and the Pack-a-Punch. They made the Thundergun (wonder weapon) and the Winter’s Howl (wonder weapon) and different types of teleporters but with their own twist.
Monkey Bomb

Monkey Bombs

A scientist named Gersch was the head scientist of the Soviet Cosmodrone Facility where element 115 tests were done. He had a pet project called Project Mercury or known as Gersch Device (Wonder Weapon). Gersch was upset at the destruction of the Kassimir Mechanism and transferred another scientist named Doctor Yuri Kravcheski, to the space program. This program was to send monkeys into space for research purposes.

Later Yuri found a diary in Der Riese that held information about Element 115. Samantha’s spirit came along and scattered teddy bears (Samantha’s favorite toys) and Matryoshka Dolls. Samantha tried to control Yuri by piercing his thoughts and communicating to him mentally insane. Then Samantha then made Yuri edit the Gersch Device. He then showed and demonstrated it to Dr. Gersch and saw that the device created a black hole. Then Samantha unveiled herself by speaking aloud, and Gersch fell into the black hole. Yuri then realized the crime he just committed.
Gersh Device

Gersch Device

The Effect of the Gersh Device

The affect of the Gersch Device

In 1965, Nikolai, Takeo, Dempsey and Richtofen reappeared after their 19-year disappearance. They were teleported to Kino der Toten. Somehow it still stood. Back then Germans brought meteorite fragments to the theatre, and Element 115 had triggered and another zombie outbreak happened.
Kino Der Toten

Kino der Toten meaning Theatre of the Dead in German

Nova Gas Zombies

Nova Gas Zombies

Nova gas was also tested on zombies. This created the Nova Gas Zombies or Gas Zombies. When you kill them, they explode and nova gas comes out, when it does, it can hurt you or if you are already hurt, it can kill you. The group fought the zombies until they were finally able to make a break for it. Dr. Richtofen learned that there was Element 115 at a Soviet Cosmodrone where the Tunguska event occurred (where one of the meteorites landed).
That’s when they teleported again to 1962, and also when they teleported, the recording of the previous teleportation to Kino der Toten teleported, itself. This is how it is present in Shi No Numa, before the teleportation occurred.
Shi No Numa Meteorite

Shi No Numa Meteorite

By late 1962, the United States had barely avoided the Cuban Missile Crisis. The president, President John F. Kennedy arranged a meeting with the Prime Minister Castro. They were trying to make some diplomatic agreements. President John F. Kennedy is accompanied with Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Richard Nixon.
Pentagon Meeting

The meeting during the zombie break in

Just when they were getting to business, zombie breach and start to break into the Pentagon. The reason was because there was Nazi technology that was reverse engineered, because they had zombies back to test on them with nova gas. Many nova gas zombies were there because of the Nova gas test. One scientist had been contaminated or corrupted with Element 115 and reverse engineered the teleporters that he became the Pentagon Thief. He is known because he steals your weapon in the map Five and has equations, numbers and the illuminati code that has not yet been fully decoded, but they think one part says “Living Dead.”
Pentagon Thief

The Pentagon Thief

If you are wondering about Defcon, there are 5, and you have to activate all five to get to the Pack-a-Punch. New Weapons were made, known as the Winter’s Howls, Monkey Bombs, and the recently invented the new Death Machine. The Death machine has infinite ammo and a one shot kill against zombies and gas zombies, but when against the Pentagon thief, it takes about 20 bullets of the Death machine. One of the weapons, the Thundergun, was not operational even when they reverse-engineered it.
Deaht Machine 2

Death Machine

Death Machine Power-up

Death Machine Powerup

President Kennedy, McNamara, Nixon, and Castro fought the zombies and lived but couldn’t say anything because Nazi Zombies was top secret. Details of the Zombie encounters are in the Central Intelligence Agency’s database.

While the President and the others where fighting off the zombies, Richtofen and his group reached the Soviet Cosmodrone. Zombies had already overrun the place when they got there. Samantha was now more evil and demonic and she created a new weapon called Exploding Matryoshka Dolls. The Gersh Device was fully functioning and deadly. The monkeys that were sent to space now came back to earth. They were now zombies. Space Monkeys, killed the from the Soviets’ living-organism-in-space procedures and reanimated by Element 115.

Kennedy, Nixon, and Castro tried to call Cosmodrone, maybe another of the United States’ spies, but no one responded. Richtofen and his team heard Kennedy and them, but they couldn’t communicate with each other. The group was contacted by another spirit and it wasn’t Samantha, but Dr. Gersch. Dr. Gersch was Aether just like Samantha, but wasn’t evil, he wanted help. He begged the group to help him and when they accepted, he gave hints on how to release him from this Aether stage. They figured out how to release him through the Kassimir Mechanism. When they did, Gersch was unleashed by a powerful blast. Dr. Gersch thanked them for helping him escape her with measly weapons. Richtofen and his group were then teleported to 2013, while Gersch actions and whereabouts were unknown.

One thing about Verrückt is that many innocent people that were Jews killed by the Germans and maybe turned into Aethers, that’s why you can hear cry’s of pain and suffering because it was a torturing place.

In 1964, the Soviet Union perfected the Nova Gas into a chemical called Nova 6, which is far deadlier than both the Soviet and German variants of Nova Gas. Within the next 30 years, the Soviet Union developed a new Perk-a-cola and it was called Deadshot Daiquiri. Plus two other wonder weapons, one the V-R11 and the Scavenger (Wonder Weapons). The V-R11 was used to reverse the zombie affect and it worked.

Zombie Space Monkey

In 2013, a zombie director named George A. Romero was shooting a zombie film when a zombie abducted him and turned him into a half zombie-half human. The cast, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, and Michael Rooker defend themselves against the zombies.

Dr. Richtofen and his group was teleported to a lighthouse on the island and locked in. They asked the actors if they would help. Danny, Michael, Sarah, and Robert helped find all the pieces to fix the teleporter. Richtofen thanks this group by giving them the Wunderwaffe DG-2 in Power-up form.

Richtofen, Takeo, Dempsey, and Nikolai teleport to a place called Shangri-La between the time of 1964 and 2013. They fought off zombies but there were so many kinds of zombies. There were Napalm zombies, which gather napalm in their system. There were also Shrieker zombies. Not only that, but there were also monkeys that were infected with Element 115, and are zombie monkeys, and then there were the regular villager zombies. A new wonder weapon is in this map called 31-79 JGb215. It shrinks zombies.

31-79 JGb215

Richtofen and his group find four buttons which apparently linked a teleporter and they were sent back into time. When they went back in tie it was only temporary and they would go back in time and come back. They find and help two British explorers named Brock and Gary. Richtofen and his group save the British explorers and obtain the Focusing Stone. No one knows what the Focusing Stone does, but in the game it gives you all perks. When Gary and Brock touched it they reset their lives and they kept getting trapped. No matter how many times Richtofen and his group helped Brock and Gary, they got trapped and ended up dying.

Dr. Richtofen looked at Nikolai as a good comrade or ally. Takeo had regained all his memory (Takeo was apart of the zombie testing. They erased people’s memories, but Takeo has remembered. Richtofen had tested on him.) Richtofen took the focusing stone to use it one the moon for unknown and strange reasons.

Objective of the GameEdit

The objective of Nazi Zombies is turning on the power and surviving as many waves of zombie you can.

Power Switch Verruckt

Power Switch

You will earn point by killing zombies, those points can be used to buy guns, ammo, Perk-a-colas, and the mystery box.

You can play by yourself, with a friend on split screen or online. The more people there are, the more zombies.

When you turn on the electricity, Perk-a-colas are activated and some only ways to activate Easter Eggs are by turning on the power.

Characters You Play AsEdit

Richtofen Edward, “The Butcher”Edit

Regular Richtofen

Richtofen was a helper of Ludvig Maxis in the Factory of Der Riese. He is a murderer and is mentally insane (schizophrenia). He loves for others to feel pain. He has murdered and tortured many, and even brainwashed Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey. He is responsible for the inventions of the Monkey Bombs, Zombies, teleporters, the Wunderwaffe DG-2, and the Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ.

Nikolai BelinskiEdit

Regular Nikolai

He was a Russian soviet in the WWII because he is originally Russian. He was a test subject of Richtofen. He loves and is addicted to an alcoholic drink called Vodka, which might have been because of Richtofen. He has killed all his wives. He is fond of Dempsey, but hates Takeo. He is ok with Richtofen (probably because his memories were erased of what Richtofen did to him).

Tank Dempsey
Regular Dempsey

He was an American soldier in WWII. His favorite weapons are the BAR, Deployable BAR, and the M16. He is egotistical (a self centered person), stereotypical (meaning if he see’s someone that looks like another person, he thinks both act the same way and so does everyone else that looks like them) and a patriot. He despises Richtofen, is fond of Takeo, and is ok with Nikolai.

Takeo Masaki
Regular Takeo

He was an Imperial Japanese soldier during WWII. He is very honorable, and noble. He remembers everything that Richtofen did to him, and he says that he will kill Richtofen after this zombie is done.

President Kennedy
President Kennedy

President Kennedy


He was the 35th president of the United States. While inviting Prime Mister Castro and McNamara plus Nixon about the Cuban Missile Crisis, zombies breached and broke into the Pentagon. After they were finished, the president said to keep it top-secret.

Prime Minister Castro
Prime Minister Castro

Prime Minister Castro


He was the Prime Minister of Cuba and was invited to Washington. They were talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis when zombies started breaking in. He never told anyone about the zombie break-in.




He was the Secretary of Defense for the President. He attended the Cuban Missile Crisis and was present when the zombies broke in. He was one of the people that demanded that the zombie break-in and anything related to zombies remain top-secret.

Senator Nixon



This man was a Republican Candidate for the election of 1960. He was a great speechwriter and had a good sense of humor. He calls zombies hippies like when he kills a zombie, he says, “Hello Mr. Hippie, I expect you to die.”

Robert EnglundEdit

Robert Englund

He was supposed to be an actor for the new movie called Call of the Dead. When a zombie took George A. Romero (the director), more zombies came and Englund fought with his fellow actors. They also help Richtofen, Nikolai, Dempsey and Takeo escape the lighthouse by bringing them parts. He has a pessimistic (the dark side of things) humor. He is known from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar

She is an athletic actor and one of the Actors in Call of the Dead. When zombies took the director and then started over-running the scene, she fought with her fellow actors. She also helps Richtofen and his group. She is known from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Michael Rooker
Micheal Rooker

He was one of the actors for Call of the Dead. He was present when the director was taken away from the zombies. He was also one of the actors that helped Richtofen and his group. He is known from The Walking Dead.

Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo

Danny was an actor for Call of the Dead. He was also there when the director was taken. He fought off the zombies with his fellow actors. He helped Richtofen and his group. He is known from Machete.


These marines were sent to Verrückt. There were eight in total. Three of them were Tank Dempsey, Jon “Banana” and Smokey. Those three and an additional marine were assigned to Verrückt. All of them went insane except Dempsey, the other four marines crashed near Nacht der Untoten, and they died.

==Teleporters ==


· Kino Der Toten

· Der Riese

· Five

Kino Der Toten

There is one teleporter and one mainframe. This teleporter takes you to the Pack-a-Punch. You get 30 seconds in the room, and then it will teleport you to the mainframe. You must link the teleporter and the mainframe together after you use it.

Der Riese

There are three, and one mainframe. You must pay 1500 points to activate the teleporter, and then you have 60 seconds to get to the mainframe. When you get to the mainframe, you press square, and it will open the door a little bit. When it opens, a perk will be dropped.


There are eight teleporters in Five or known as the Pentagon. There is one on the 1st floor, two on the 2nd floor, and five on the 3rd floor. They can be used as many times as you want as long as the power is on, but it will teleport you to a random teleporter in a different room or part of the room.


Different Types

· Flogger

· Fire Pit

· Fire Trap

· Electro-Shock Defenses · Punji Stakes

· Turret Trap


The Flogger is a big wooden log with spikes attached to it. It cost 750 points to activate. It kills everything that comes running its way. A possible way to get through it without getting downed or hurt is by crouching down to where you prone. Crawl under it and you will probably escape fine. It goes for about 30 seconds.
The Flogger 1

The Flogger

Fire Pit

This trap incinerates zombies by making a huge fire. It kills every zombie that comes through even players. It cost about 1,000 points. It last for 30 seconds. Unless you have Juggernog, you will be at last stand.

Fire Trap

It is similar to Electro-Shock Defenses, but with fire instead of electricity. It kills anything that walks through it, including players. It cost 1,000. Unless you have Juggernog, you will be at last stand.

Electro-Shock Defenses

This is a trap that lightning bolts and destroys anything in its way. This includes players and zombies. This trap costs 1,000 points. It does not instantly kill the zombies, so stand back. It might take 2-4 seconds to kill the zombies and then they will burn up. After the trap deactivates, it takes 30 seconds to recharge. Unless you have Juggernog, you will be at last stand.

Electro Shock Defense

Electro-Shock Defenses

Punji Stakes

They can only be found in Shangri La. Once a person or zombie steps on it, it will shoot up spikes. Zombies won’t get hurt, only players will. Zombies will wait for the Punji Stakes to go down. They don’t cost anything and they don’t have to recharge. They will not kill you, unless you stand there for at least 3 times.
Punji Stakes

Punji Stakes

Turret Trap

It cost 1,000 points and is an automatic turret. It shoots zombie’s dead. It last for 30 seconds.

The turret trap only kills one zombie at a time, and that takes about 4-5 seconds because it is not an instant kill.
Kino Der Toten Turrets

Turret on the right

Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears were Samantha’s favorite toys. In the game it is usaully on boxes without a question mark, or one with a question mark. What Teddy bears do is they either they indicate the mystery box locations and can also be used for Easter Eggs.
Teddy Bear on Box

A Mystery Box Location

When using the Mystery Box, it cost 950 points and if you get a teddy bear, you will hear a little girl giggle while the teddy bear floats up out of the room. Then the box will shake and you hear a scary voice laughing. Then the box will be moved to a different location and you have to go find it.

Getting the Teddy Bear

Getting the Teddy Bear


There are 8 Perk-a-colas. Quick Revive, Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap Root bear, Stamin-Up, PHD Flopper, Deadshot Daiquiri, Mule Kick. Each you have to buy with your points.

Quick Revive

In solo, when you get downed, you get revived plus while you are down you get a Mustang and Sally. After you get revived, you don’t get the Mustang and Sally anymore. In multiplayer, it helps you revive faster. Dempsey and Nikolai hate the taste of it, but Takeo and Richtofen don’t mind except in Shangri La, Richtofen doesn’t like it. In Solo, it cost 500 points, but in multiplayer it cost 1500 points.

The Jingle is:

When everything been dragging you down,

Grab you by the hair,

And pull you to the ground.

If you wanna get up, you need a little revive

If you wanna get up, you need a little revive…. Yea!!

Quick Reviev

Quick Revive


Without Juggernog, it takes you 2-3 hits to get downed, but with Juggernog, it takes 4-6 hits. People say it is the most helpful perk-a-cola in the game. In the game, the ingredients are actually made from eggs. It cost 2,500 points.

The Jingle is:

When you need some help to get by.

Something to make you feel strong,

Reach Jugger-Nog tonight

Sugar seduction delight.

When you need to feel Big and Strong,

Reach for the Jugger-Nog tonight!


Speed Cola

Without Speed Cola, you reload slowly. If you have a shotgun or LMG, you know how long it takes to reload, and that can end up killing you in those dire situations. With Speed Cola, you reload 2x as fast. Instead of it taking you 10-15 seconds to reload, it only takes you 4-6 seconds. That can actually help you if you are being swarmed with zombies.

It cost 3,000 points, the 2nd most expensive perk after Mule Kick.

The Jingle is:

Your hands are slow,

Your movements are sluggish,

You lack of speed, just brings you anguish.

Just take a sip, you will move faster,

Just try it now and speed is mastered

You lack of speed just bring you anguish

Press those lips against the only one that really moves you, Speed cola speed up your life."
Speed Cola

Speed Cola

Double Tap

When you shoot a gun, a bullet will come out, boom… boom… boom… boom. With double tap, boom, boom, boom, boom. It increases your rate of fire by a third. It cost 2,000 points.

The Jingle is:

Cowboys can’t shoot slow,

Or they’ll end up below,

When they need some help,

They reach for the Root bear shelf.

Cowboys can’t shoot slow,

Or they’ll end up below,

When they need some help,

They reach for the Root bear shelf.

Ya thirsty partner?
Double Tap

Double Tap


Without Stamin-Up, you run a certain speed for about 2-6 seconds. With Stamin-Up, you run from 7-11 seconds and you run faster. It helps you run away or gather up hordes of zombies. It cost 2,000 points.

The Jingle is:

Stamin-up, up, up,

Stamin-up, up, up,

Stamin-up, up, up,

When you need some extra running,

When you need some extra time,

When you want to keep on gunnin,

When you like to risk out time.

When you need to keep on movin,

When you need to get away.

When you need to keep on grooving,

When you need that Vitamin-K,

Babe you know you want to me!

Lets the run the extra mile!

I’ll open your eyes and will make you see!

I’ll make it worth you while!

Sounds like it’s STAAAAAMMMIN-UP TIME!
Stamin Up


PHD Flopper

Without PHD Flopper, if you jump from high distances, you will get downed or severely hurt, and if you are using grenades, RPG’s as the M72-LAW, or even the ray gun, you will get damage recoil. The damage recoil can hurt or kill you. With PHD Flopper, you can jump from high distances without getting hurt or you can cook a grenade without getting hurt. You won’t even get hurt if you shoot the M72-LAW at the ground right by you and it won’t hurt. This Perk-a-cola cost 2,500 points.

The Jingle is:

PHD, Nighttime scene, PHD, The streets are mean, PHD, The things I’ve seen.

PHD, The good, the bad, and the in between.

When you dive to prone, you are surely gonna love PHD!

When you dive to prone, it’s gonna shake ya’ to the bone, all the zombies gonna groan cause of PHD!

PHD, Feelings growing strong,

PHD, So right, that it feels wrong, PHD, like the chorus of a song, PHD, Not short, but not to long

Slap your body to the floor; everybody needs some more of your loving

When you dive to prone, it’s gonna shake ya’ to the bone, all the zombies gonna groan ‘cause of PHD!
Phd Flopper

PHD Flopper

Deadshot Daiquiri

Without Deadshot Daiquiri you have to take time to kill a zombie if you shoot at the body, if you shoot at the head, it takes time to aim at the head.

With Deadshot Daiquiri it’s an automatic headshot. This can be helpful for points also because you get 100 points for headshots. This can help you in dire situations when you need to kill a horde of zombies. This Perk cost 1,500 points.

The Jingle is:

To there is human, to forgive is divine.

Well I'm not forgiving and the error ain't mine!

It ain't quite human at least not to my eyes.

One Sip of this and I’ll give them the shock of their lives! (Yeah)

We got the guns and we got the bombs!

In Deadshot Heaven we pop skulls for fun!

Zero in baby, zero on that spot, the hot spot baby, give em all you got.

So quit complaining, about your bad aiming!

Just try, try again for me!

With the headshot power of Deadshot Daiquiri!
Deadshot Daiquiri

Deadshot Daiquiri

Mule Kick

Without Mule Kick, you only have two guns. Usually, this can be bad if you don’t have it because if you run out of ammo, or you are reloading and it takes a long time to reload, then you’re screwed.

With Mule Kick, you can have three guns, so if you are out of ammo on two guns, then you have another gun you can use. It can also let you have a variety of guns to test them out, a shotgun, a LMG, and a wonder weapon. It can help you compare them.

This perk is the most expensive, costing 4,000 points. It is pretty useful. It can be found on every map including Nacht Der Untoten.

The Jingle is:

Legends tells us of a man, a hero in a tortured land,

Where Senoritas lived in fear.

There lonely nights in deep despair, he was EL BURRO!

(Hee-Haw, Hee- Haw)

Across the fields, across the plains.

He ran so fast he dodged the rain.

He was El Burro! He hurried to save the day, gun in hand, in thrice they say.

He was strong like a Mule, El Burro! (El Burro!).

A man not equal, so they say. But some more, its just the way!....
Mule Kick

Mule Kick

There are few ways to get all perks, by Easter Eggs or by buying all of them. The sad thing is that you can’t buy them all; in some maps they only have certain Perk-a-colas.

In Shangri-La, you can go back in time, obtain the focusing stone and get all 8 perks.

In moon, you can blow up the Earth and obtain all 8 perks.

Power-Ups Edit

Power-ups are things that zombies drop. Power-ups can help you in many ways; from refilling your ammo to killing every zombie without doing anything. There is Insta-Kill, Nuke, Double Points, Max Ammo, Carpenter, Perk-a-cola, Fire Sale, Bonfire Sale, Death Machine, Lightning and Bonus Points. Insta-Kill, Double Points and Death Machine last for 30 seconds, the other power-ups happen instantly.


Insta-Kill is a power-up that looks like a skull. This power-up last for 30 seconds and if you shoot 1 bullet at zombie, no matter what the gun, it kills them instantly by their head exploding off. A better thing to do than shoot is to knife. Note when using this against the Pentagon thief, you will only get the Max Ammo. You will bet more points and use less ammo.

The ways you can obtain power ups are by

· Killing a zombie

· Activating the teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the Teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the teleporter in Kino Der Toten and going to a random room (Doesn’t always happen)

· Letting a Shangri La monkey take it and then kill it while its on the power up
Insta Kill

Insta Kill


Nuke is a power-up that looks like a missile or mini nuke. This power-up instantly kills zombies in the map, from the closet to the player outward. It can even reach zombies before they have gotten inside when they are breaking down the barriers. It may take from 2-5 seconds to kill all zombies. It rewards every player 400 points. This can be useful at times when there is a horde of zombies near you.

Ways to obtain Nuke

· Killing a zombie

· Activating the teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the Teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the teleporter in Kino Der Toten and going to a random room (Doesn’t always happen)

·Letting a Shangri La monkey take it and then kill it while its on the power up


Double Points

Double Points is a power-up that looks like 2x. This doubles your points for everything that you kill or rebuild. Even works when you get a Nike, instead of getting 400, you get 800. Instead of getting 10 points when you shoot a zombie or rebuild a barrier, it gives you 20 points. It works best with Insta-kill because you can knife zombies, and a knife kill is 130 points, doubled is 260 points.

How to obtain Double Points

· Killing a zombie

· Activating the teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the Teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the teleporter in Kino Der Toten and going to a random room (Doesn’t always happen)

·Letting a Shangri La monkey take it and then kill it while its on the power up
Double Points

Double Points

Max Ammo

Max ammo looks like a floating pouch of Ammo and bullets. This Perk instantly refills the player(s) ammo. It refills every gun with their ammo without having to switch guns or buy ammo. It also refill pack-a-punched ammo. It is recommended to reload before you get Max Ammo because you save ammo.

How to obtain Max Ammo

· Killing a zombie

· Activating the teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the Teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the teleporter in Kino Der Toten and going to a random room (Doesn’t always happen)

· Hacking a Power-up on moon with hacker

·Letting a Shangri La monkey take it and then kill it while its on the power up

· Survive a Hellhound Round (Killing the last Hellhound)
Max Ammo

Max Ammo


Carpenter is a power-up that looks like a hammer. This power-up rebuilds all the barriers without you having to. If at least one barrier is built the player(s) get 200 points. It is good to keep zombies out for a few seconds.

How to obtain Carpenter

· Killing a zombie

· Activating the teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the Teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the teleporter in Kino Der Toten and going to a random room (Doesn’t always happen)

·Letting a Shangri La monkey take it and then kill it while its on the power up


Perk-a-cola Bottle

The perk-a-cola power-up looks like a bottle.

This power-up gives you a random perk that you do not already have. This can be useful if you lost one of your perks when you got downed or one of the evil monkeys in Ascension stole your perk and don’t have enough money to buy it again.

Ways to obtain Perk-a-cola bottle power-up

· If you kill the evil monkeys before they damage or attack any Perk-a-cola machine, you will get this power-up plus max ammo.

· When you defeat George A. Romero, you’ll get this power-up

· In Moon, it may appear in the bio-dome area.
Perk-a-cola power-up

Perk-a-cola bottle Power-up

Fire Sale

Fire Sale is a power-up that looks like a prices tag that says sale, but with green around it. This spawns the Mystery box to all mystery box locations and for only 10 points instead of 950. It also lowers the cost of wall weapons/ weapons you can get off the wall.

Ways to obtain Fire Sale

· Killing a zombie

· Activating the teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the Teleporter in Der Riese

· Using the teleporter in Kino Der Toten and going to a random room (Doesn’t always happen)

·Letting a Shangri La monkey take it and then kill it while its on the power up

· Killing the Pentagon Thief after he has stolen one of you weapons.

Fire Sale

Fire Sale

Bonfire Sale

The Bonfire sale is a power-up that looks like gold pack-a-punch machine, but with green around it. It can only be obtained in the map Five. This is when you kill the Pentagon thief before he takes your weapon. When you get this power-up, all the teleporters flip to the pack-a-punch room and you get to use the pack a punch for only 1,000 points instead of 5,000. Ways to obtain Bonfire Sale

· Kill the Pentagon thief before he gets your weapon

Death Machine

Death Machine is a power-up that looks like 5 bullets floating in the air. This is similar to Insta-kill, but it is a gun that has unlimited ammo, and is a one-shot kill against zombies and nova gas zombies. When going against the Pentagon Thief, it takes from 5-20 shots to kill him. With George A. Romero, depends on the level, and because he has a higher life, you have to get the Death Machine a few times and shoot at him as long as you can.

Ways to Obtain Death Machine

· Killing a zombie

· Killing George Romero

· Preforming Easter Eggs (Ascension, and other maps)
Death Machine Power-up

Death Machine Powerup


This power-up looks just like the death machine, but instead of giving you the Death Machine; it gives you the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This doesn’t last for 30 seconds, it goes on till you run out of ammo. It is only available in Call of the Dead. You cannot switch your weapon, you have to use it until you are out of ammo.

Ways to obtain the Lighting/Wunderwaffe DG-2 power-up

· Killing George Romero

· Doing a Call of the Dead Easter Egg
Call of the Dead lightning

Lightning Power-up, available only in Call of the Dead, looks like Death Machine, but it's not

Wunderwaffe DG-2

Wunderwaffe DG-2, this is what you get when you get lightning.

Bonus Points

This power-up looks like a z with two lines going through it. This power-up gives you a random amount of points. It can only be earned on Moon. This can only be earned in moon by using the QED.

Ways to obtain the Bonus Points Power-up

·Using the QED

Extra Points

Bonus Points

·Appearing in the Bio-dome

Mystery BoxEdit

The mystery box is a box that has two question marks. This box, when you pay 950 points, gets a chance to get a random weapon. Sometimes you can get a wonder weapon like Ray Gun, the Scavenger, Winter’s Howl, Wunderwaffe DG-2, or even Thundergun. Sometimes the box can give you sucky guns like the Chine Lake or Dragunov or maybe the Spectre. Not only can you get guns but you can also get specials or even other types of items. The items that you can get are the QED, Gersh Device, Matryoshka Dolls and Monkey Bombs. The specials that you can get are the Crossbow or Ballistic Knife.

What can really suck is if you get the Teddy Bear. If you get it, the box will destroy itself and spawn somewhere else in the map. There are things that can help you with the box or make it harder. Getting the Fire Sale puts the Mystery Box in all spawn locations and makes it only 10 points.

The Mystery Box is a good thing to use when you want or need a gun that can potentially be good. The Mystery Box can give you Shotguns, LMG, SMG, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, MG, Assault Rifles, Specials and the extra Items.


Points are way you buy things and they are very important. Points help you buy guns, mystery box, perk-a-colas, traps, and pack-a-punch. Points are earned by damaging and killing zombies, space monkeys, hellhounds, some power-ups, rebuilding barriers, reviving a player, and even finding loose points under perk-a-cola machines.

Ways to Earn Points

· Rebuilding a barrier board (10 points)

· Wounding a zombie, but non-lethal hit (10 points)

· Lethal torso hit (60 points)

· Lethal limb hit (50 points)

· Lethal neck hit (70 points)

· Lethal headshot (100 points)

· Lethal melee, knife kill (130 points)

· Killing Gas Zombies (50 points, only in Kino Der Toten and Five)

· Killing Hellhounds (60 points, Shi no Numa, Der Riese and Kino Der Toten)

· Killing Space Monkeys (60 points, only in Ascension)

·Shooting the Pentagon Thief with a bullet or two (10 points, only in "Five")

· Killing the Pentagon Thief (Unknown so far, only in "Five")

· A kill with non-melee on Insta Kill (50-70 points)

· A kill with a melee on Insta Kill (130 points)

· Carpenter Power-up, if at least one barrier board was built (200 points)

· Nuke Power-up, if at least one zombie is killed (400 points to the player(s) but in Nacht Der Untoten, you don’t get the 400 point bonus)

· Reviving a Teammate (Varies, only on Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Five, and Ascension)

· Loose Change/Points under the Perk-a-cola (20-30 points, only in Der Riese, once per game, per perk-a-cola machine)

· All points are doubled when Double Points are activated

Ways you spend Points

· Buying a weapon off the wall (Varies between 500-3,000 points)

· Open a door/clear debris (750-1,250 points)

· If you get downed (You lose 10% of your current points)

· Using the mystery box (950 points, but 10 with fire sale)

· Using a Pack-a-Punch Machine (5,000 points, but 1,000 with Bonfire Sale)

· Using a trap (750-1,000 points)

· Buying a Perk-a-cola (1,000-4,000 depends on the Perk-a-cola)

· Activate Sentry Gun Trap (1,500 points)

· Buy Bowie Knife or Sickle (3,000 points)

· Buying a Quick Revive (In solo, 500 points, but in Co-Op, it is 1,500 points)

· Using the Lunar Lander (250 points, only in Ascension)

· Sniper Cabinet (1,500 points, only in Nacht Der Untoten)

· Activating and using the Teleporter in Der Riese (1,500 points, in Kino Der Toten and Five, the teleporters are free. You can use them as soon as you turn on the electricity)

· When a player gets downed, doesn’t get revived, and dies (Depending on the round, the higher the round, the more points they lose)

· Opening the Zipline (1,500 points, but when you use it, it is free)

· Using the first elevator on Five (250 points)

· Using the second elevator on Five (250 points)

Characters Points ColorEdit


· Tank Dempsey

· John F. Kennedy

· Sarah Michelle Gellar

· Marine


· Nikolai Belinski

· Richard Nixon

· Robert Englund

· Marine


· Takeo Masaki

· Robert McNamara

· Danny Trejo

· Marine


· Edward Richtofen

· Fidel Castro

· Michael Rooker

· Marine


There are many different types of maps. They range from factories, to the Pentagon, to the jungle. There are 10 maps in all; Nacht Der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi no Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Five, Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri La, Moon. From Nacht Der Untoten to Der Riese, they were all maps that were first put into World at War Zombies.

Nacht Der Untoten-

This map was the very 1st map. It means “Night of the Undead” in German. It has 3 rooms and holds one mystery box location, a cabinet that holds the PTRS-41, and a music radio. It has no traps and only 1 perk-a-cola, Mule Kick.


This maps is the 2nd map and it means “Insane” or “Crazy” in German. This map is more dangerous, the zombies attack through the window if you’re standing to close. This map is divided, so if you’re playing with a friend locally or online, then you two or the three or four are separated into two different rooms. The only way to reunite is in the turning on the power or meeting in the power room. This map includes tarps, perk-a-colas, bouncing betties and includes the new weapon Winter’s Howl. It is the first map that requires you to turn on the power. The map has 10 rooms, and also where the mystery box can be spawned in different locations. This takes place in Wittenau Sanatorium in Berlin Germany.

Verrückt Zombie Map


Shi No Numa-

This is the 3rd map, and it means “Swamp of Death” in Japanese. Instead of Nazi’s, they are Japanese zombies. This is a map where you do not need to have electricity. This map is the first map that you can go outdoors without glitching or cheating. Also it is where it slows you down if you are in the mucky water, but doesn’t slow the zombies. The zombies also spawn in the mud and can spawn right next to you. This is also the first map to have the mystery box shoot up a beam of light to show it location to the player(s). This map introduces the Zipline, the flogger, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and also hellhounds. This is the first map to have Perk-a-colas spawn in different rooms. This map actually confirms who the different characters are. This takes place around Japan and the Pacific.

Der Riese-

This is the 4th map, and it means “The Giant” in German. This map is the first where zombies can climb on and jump off things. This is the first map to introduce the Pack-a-Punch machine, teleporters, Monkey Bombs, the Bowie knife, the Power-up Carpenter, and a an Easter Egg, the Fly Trap. Also it is the first map to include hellhounds and zombies at the same time, on round 16 and up. It is the second map to where the power is required to be turned on, and the second when it comes to where the perk-a-colas do not spawn in different locations. It is third map where Perk-a-colas are included.

Kino Der Toten-

This is the 5th map and the first Black Ops map without being from World at War Zombies mode. It introduces weapons from the Cold War, a new wonder weapon called the Thundergun, a new type of zombies called the Nova 6 zombies or Crawler Zombies, two new traps, the Fire Pit and Sentry Gun, and a new power-up called Fire Sale. It is the second map to have the Pack-a-Punch and Bowie Knife. It is the third map to have Hellhounds.

Kino Der Toten Zombies

Kino Der Toten


“Five” is the sixth map, and is at the Pentagon in the United States. This is the only map that contains American Zombies. It also features the Pentagon Thief that steals your gun if you don’t kill him, and it includes a new Power-Up, bonfire sale only available in the Map Five, that makes the Pack-a-Punch 1,000 points instead of 5,000. This map is also one of the two maps that has Winter’s Howl. You can find a Winter’s Howl in the basement of Five, probably because the Americans tested it.


Ascension is the seventh map, and this map contains scientist and soviet zombies. It is the first map to have soviet zombies and also Space Monkeys that are zombies. This map does not have Double Tap, but it introduces Stamin-Up and PHD Flopper as the new Perk-a-colas. It features two new wonder weapons or special items known as the Gersch Device and Matryoshka Dolls. It replaces the bowie knife with the sickle. It features an item called Lunar Landers. This map also has a new way to get to the Pack-a-Punch that is not involved with teleporters.



Call of the Dead-

It is the eighth map. It adds new perk-a-colas, a different grenade, a new get-away, new wonder weapons, new way to be killed, and a new enemy. The new Perk-a-Cola is Deadshot Daiquiri, now the semtex grenade instead of frags. A new get-away is the Ice Slide, and the Flinger. There are two new weapons, the V-R11 and the Scavenger. A new way to be killed is the icy water. The new enemy is George A. Romero, he has more life than the Pentagon thief.

Call of The Dead 1

Call of the Dead

Shangri La-

It is the ninth map and is in the jungle. They have a new weapon, new ways to get away from zombies, a new Easter egg, 5 new achievements, different types of zombies, and a new item. The new weapon is 31-79 JG215, and they have a mine cart and waterslide. The new Easter egg is where you can go back in time. The new achievements can be earned by doing the Easter egg. The new zombies are the Shrieker, Napalm, and the Napalm zombie. The new item is the spikemore, and when activated, it explodes and shoots spikes.


Shangri La


This is the tenth map. There are two new weapons, one a wonder weapon and one is a special item. There is the Astronaut Zombie and the Phasing Zombies that is similar to the Nova 6 zombies, but they can phase or teleport. Also there is also a large Easter egg, a new Perk-a- cola, new equipment plus there also new surroundings. The new wonder weapon is the wave gun, and the new item is the QED (Quantum Entanglement Device). The new and large Easter egg is blowing up the Earth. The new equipment is the P.E.S and the Hacker. The surroundings are anti-gravity, gravity lifts, and teleporters.

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There are many different types of weapons and different ways to obtain them.

· .357 Magnum- Mystery Box only

· AK-47- Mystery Box Only

· AK-74u- Off the Wall Only

· AUG- Mystery Box Only, but in Wii can get it off the wall

· Arisaka- Off the Wall Only

· Bar- Off the Wall and from Mystery Box

· Ballistic Knife- Mystery Box Only

· Bouncing Betty- Off the Wall Only

· Bowie Knife- Off the Wall Only

· C275- Mystery Box Only

· China Lake- Mystery Box Only

· Claymore- Off the Wall only

· Colt M1911- Default/Starting Weapon, but only in Shi No Numa can you find it the Mystery Box

· Commando- Mystery Box Only

· Doubled Barrel Shotgun- Mystery Box and Off the Wall

· Dragunov- Mystery Box Only

· Explosive Tip Crossbow- Mystery Box Only

· FG42- Mystery Box and Off the Wall only in Der Riese

· FN FAL- Mystery Box Only

· Famas- Mystery Box Only

· G11- Mystery Box Only

· Galil- Mystery Box Only

· Gewehr 43- Mystery Box and Off the Wall

· Grenade Launcher- An Attachment to guns when Pack-a-Punched

· HK21- Mystery Box Only

· HS-10- Mystery Box Only

· Kar98k- Mystery Box and Off the Wall

· L96A1- Mystery Box Only

· M1 Garand- Mystery Box and Off the Wall

· M14- Off the Wall

· M16- Off the Wall

· M1897 Trench Gun- Off the Wall

· M1919 Browning- Mystery Box Only

· M1A1 Carbine- Off the Wall

· M2 Flamethrower- Mystery Box but on the IPhone, can be bought from the Sniper Cabinet

· M60- Mystery Box (Only Nintendo DS)

· M67 Frag Grenade- Default Item/ Gernade, can be bought off the wall

· M72 LAW- Mystery Box

· MG42- Mystery Box

· MP40- Mystery Box and Off the Wall

· MP5K- Off the Wall

· MPL- Off the Wall

· Masterkey Shotgun- An Attachment of a gun when Pack-Punched

· Molotov Cocktail- Mystery Box Only

· Olympia- Off the Wall Only

· PM63- Off the Wall and can only be obtained by the Mystery Box on the Wii

· PPSh-41- Mystery Box Only

· PTRS-41- Mystery Box Only

· Panzerscreck- Mystery Box Only

· Python- Mystery Box Only

· RPK- Mystery Box Only (Not in the Wii Version)

· SPAS-12- Mystery Box Only

· STG-44- Off the Wall Only

· Semtex- Off the Wall Only

· Spectre- Mystery Box (Not in the Wii Version)

· Spikemore- Off the Wall Only

· Springfield- Off the Wall

· Stakeout- Off the Wall

· Stielhandgranate- Off the Wall

· Thompson- Mystery Box and Off the Wall

· Type 100- Off the Wall

Wonder Weapons

There are 12 wonder weapons, 8 of them are weapons and 4 of them are tactical grenades. They can only be obtained by the Mystery box and by only specific places.

· Ray Gun- Appears in every single map

· Wunderwaffe DG-2- Appears in Shi No Numa, Der Riese, and Call of the Dead

· Monkey Bomb- Appears in Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Five, and Shangri La

· Thundergun- Appears in Kino Der Toten and Ascension

· Winter’s Howl- Appears in Verrückt and Five

· Gersh Device- Appears in Ascension and Moon

· Matryoshka Dolls- Appears in Ascension and Call of the Dead

· V-R11- Appears in Call of the Dead Only

· Scavenger- Appears in Call of the Dead Only

· 31-79 JGb215- Appears in Shangri La Only

· Wave Gun- Appears in Moon Only

· QED (Quantum Entanglement Device)- Appears in Moon Only

Pack-A-Punch Machine

The Pack-a-Punch machine is a machine that upgrades your gun for 5,000 points. It can make the gun have more ammo, do more damage against the zombies and other enemies. It can add an attachment or reload faster or even shoot faster. Can make a gun fully automatic, change the name, and even make it shoot red bullets or beams.

Not all the time does the Pack-a-Punch make a weapon good depending on the weapon like the M1A1 Carbine. When Pack-a-Punched, the only thing that changes is that it becomes Full-Auto instead of Semi-Auto, the ammunition or ammo goes up only 30, and the color of the flash is red instead of white. Look at the PTRS-41, when it is Pack-a-Punched to the Penetrator, the only thing is that the penetration is very high instead of high and the color of the flash when shot is red instead of white.

There is one power-up that makes the Pack-a-Punch cheaper called Bonfire Sale. This power-up is available only in Five. This makes the price decrease from 5,000 to 1,000. This can be very useful when running low on ammo, only have about 2,000 points and needs to make a quick get-away. The person can upgrade their gun and make it have full ammo, while maybe getting more ammo stored, higher damage, and even an attachment, which makes it easier to kill zombies.

Rusty Pack-a-Punch Machine

Ascension's Pack-a-Punch Machine

Different Types of Zombies

There are different types of zombies, some more dangerous than the others. Some do different do things to attack you or your partner.

Common Zombie- This zombie could be Nazi, Imperial, Soviet, or American zombies depending on the map. These were soldiers in WW11 and died, or just regular people that got infected by zombies or died and then reanimated by Element 115. They appear every round except hellhound rounds in the small rounds, or space monkeys. They appear in every map.

Kino Der Toten Zombies

Nazi Zombies

Images (13)

Moon Zombies


Japanese Imperial Zombies

Hellhounds- This is a dog that was turned into a zombie dog, and was pregnant, and had baby zombie dogs known as hellhounds. These hellhounds come every 4-5 rounds. They appear in Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten and No Mans Land on the map Moon.



Crawler Zombies/Nova 6 Zombies- These were already zombies that were tested with Nova 6. In Moon they have the power to shift/teleport. Another thing that is good for the player is that when you kill the Nova 6 zombies, they will create a mini explosion of Nova Gas, and any zombies around the explosion will die. They appear usually when you are in the power room or when you turn on the power. They appear in the maps Kino Der Toten, Five, and Moon.

Nova 6

Nova 6 Zombies

Pentagon Thief- This is not technically a zombie. He was a dead human that had not turned into a zombie and was infused with Element 115. He comes every 4-6 rounds after turning on the power and comes to steal your weapon. If you kill him before he takes your weapon he drops a Bonfire Sale and Max Ammo. If you kill him after he takes your weapon, then he drops a Fire Sale and Max Ammo. If you don’t kill him or you kill him when Insta Kill is present, then he will only drop Max Ammo. He only appears in Five.

Pentagon Thief

Pentagon Thief

Space Monkeys- These were monkeys that were sent into space but turned into zombies by Element 115. These monkeys either try to hurt you or take away your Perk-a-Cola. They do this by running to you Perk-a-Cola Machine and start banging and breaking it. If they succeed, you lose your Perk-a-Cola, but if you kill all of them before they touch your Perk-a-Cola Machine, then they drop a Perk-a-Cola Power Up and Max Ammo. They only appear in Ascension.

Space Monkeys

Space Monkeys

George A. Romero- He was a director shooting a new movie called Call of the Dead, when a zombie snatched him up and infected him halfway. He is half zombie and half human almost like the Pentagon thief, but has about 4x-5x more the health. He will use a movie studio light to attack you. If he hits you will be shocked by lighting and temporarily blinded. If any zombies touch him, they will be electric zombies and become more dangerous. He only appears in Call of the Dead.

Napalm Zombie- These zombies are in fire and walk around. These zombies will take your health down if you just get by him. If a player kills the zombie, it will explode killing any zombies near it. Then it creates a wall of fire that if zombies or player(s) go through it, they will get downed/die. They appear only in Shangri La.

Shrieker Zombie- These zombies sprint to you at full speed, even faster than a players sprint and shriek at you trying to get you downed. They appear only in Shangri La.

Zombie Monkeys- Are monkeys that are also infected. They try to take power-ups that zombies drop. They appear only in Shangri La.

Astronaut Zombie- This is a zombie that is an astronaut and walks slow. It has a name of one of your or another players friends, but not one of the people playing. If you get to close to it, it picks you up and head-butts you. When it does this, your life is down to 1, if you had a perk-a-cola, then you lose one of them, and you get teleported to a part of the map that you have bought (not No Mans Land). When you kill him, he explodes, but it does not hurt you. It instead hurls you up in the air. They appear only in Moon.

Basic Hints and Tips

There are many ways to surviving in high rounds in Nazi Zombies. Also depends if you are playing with friends or not.

1. When it comes to Perk-a-colas, in Solo, you should always have Quick Revive first. When playing in Multiplayer or online, always get Juggernog first.

2. When camping have a one shot kill gun, or if you have an SMG or LMG, always have Speed Cola and Juggernog.

3. Never get Double Tap for a gun that runs out of ammo too quickly without having Double Tap.

4. On Ascension, use PHd Flopper and Juggernog because Dolphin Diving by zombies causes a mini nuke, the Juggernog is there just in case you land on a zombie and the mini nuke doesn’t work. When it doesn’t work, zombies will attack you and most likely get you downed in one or two hits. That’s why you use the Juggernog.

5. When it comes to Hellhound rounds, have Juggernog and a shotgun like the Stakeout or Spas 12, or a fast shooting SMG.

6. Only Pack-a-Punch weapons when you have enough points and you run out of ammo.

7. Always reload before getting Max Ammo; you’ll save at least a clip of ammo.

8. Try to get the bowie knife after you buy Juggernog so you can get close to zombies and kill them by knifing without getting hurt. Also try not to get trapped with the bowie knife; you’re more likely to get downed.

9. Be careful when you get Deadshot daiquiri on Moon because if there is no gravity, then it will affect the way you aim and you might not get an instant headshot.

10.When getting Insta kill, try to only knife, its faster and better especially when it comes to points.

11. When playing on Five, use the small elevator for a camping spot, but for only upstairs. It’ll make for a good escape when a horde of zombies come, plus it makes for a good decoy to make the zombies come downstairs when your friend is down, and you come back up, to revive him/her.

12.If playing on multiplayer, after getting Juggernog, get Speed Cola, and then get Quick revive.

13.If you get the Ballistic Knife, Pack-a-Punch it, if you are playing in multiplayer, it instantly revives another player if you shoot them with it.

14.If another player is down and they have the ray gun, revive them while they cover your back.

15.When a horde of zombies is after you and if there are two of you, one activates a trap and shots the zombies to get points while the other player watches your back. If its solo, activate the trap and just watch your back.

16.NEVER RUN THROUGH A TRAP and NEVER KILL A GAS ZOMBIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN YOU ARE TRAPPED, you won’t be able to see and you’ll be venerable to other zombies.

Online and MultiplayerEdit

There is a difference between Solo, Multiplayer, and Online when playing zombies.

In Solo…

· Quick Revive is the only Perk-a-Cola on, it cost only 500 points, and if you get downed, it gives you a Mustang and Sally and revives you. You only get to use it three times.

· Less zombies

· You can preform one-man Easter-Eggs

· You have to buy all the doors by yourself

In Multiplayer…

· Quick Revive is turned off, it cost 1,500 points, it helps revive your teammate faster, and you can use it as many times as you want to.

· More Zombies

· You can preform 2-4 man Easter-Eggs

· Each can buy a door

· Each can test different guns and Perk-a-colas

In Online…

· Quick Revive is turned off, it cost 1,500 points, it helps revive your teammate faster, and you can use it as many times as you want to.

· More Zombies

· You can preform 2-4 man Easter-Eggs

· Each can buy a door

· Each can test different guns and Perk-a-colas